Silicone Antifoams

Foam reduces processing speed and capacity. It limits the cleaning capability of detergents, limits formulations, and can lead to environmental concerns.

Silicone has the advantage for foam control, consistently outperforming non-silicone alternatives. Silicone antifoams are provided as an easy to use oil in water emulsion, the silicone compounds are mixed with emulsifiers to ensure the silicone spreads fast and well in the foaming medium.

Product Information

• Lower surface tension, compared to organic antifoams
• Very low dosage rate
• Insoluble in most systems
• Tends to react less with process ingredients
• Persistence generally performs longer
• Can cost less to use due to its effectiveness and persistence at low use levels.

Typical Applications:
• Chemical Manufacturing
• Textiles
• Food production and processing
• Pulp and paper manufacturing
• Paints and coatings
• Pharmaceuticals for healthcare

Gensil 834 is a 15% active industrial-grade silicone antifoam emulsion. Used to suppress or control the formation of foam in aqueous media in most industrial applications including chemical processing and petroleum industries, textile, paper and effluent treatment

Gensil 2030 is a 35% non-ionic aqueous emulsion containing a polydimethylsiloxane compound that rapidly disperses in aqueous and solvent based media to give immediate foam control. Used to suppress or control the formation of foam in processes throughout a variety of industries including petrochemical, food processing, textiles industry, chemical processing and effluent treatment.

Meets Australian, New Zealand and US FDA food grade requirements, allowing it to be used as a direct or indirect additive.

Gensil 5458 is a concentrated aqueous emulsion containing polydimethylsiloxane and is more effective for the prevention, control and elimination of foam in aqueous media more extreme pH conditions.

Gensil 5458 is used to eliminate or control foam in a wide range of pH situations such as Water treatment, effluent treatment, Gas and petrol extraction processes, chemical extraction, distillation and dehydration processes textile dyeing and washing and pulp washing.

• Very high foam control efficiency
• Economical in use
• Suitable in a large range of pH
• Chemically inert with regards to the system to be defoamed
• Also available as a fully emulsifiable concentrate.

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