Laboratory & Research Chemicals

At ECP, we’re proud suppliers of trusted, high-quality laboratory and research chemicals to businesses, researchers and universities throughout New Zealand. Our key team have extensive education and experience that our customers have come to depend on for expert knowledge and advice. We strive to work as partners, helping to maintain consistent, dependable quality results for our customers and their operations.

Our Partner Brands

We have proudly represented JT Baker and Macron Fine Chemicals since 2009. In 2017, VWR, JT Baker and Macron were brought together by Avantor Sciences to become a 21st century giant in the analytical chemistry arena. Analar, Normapur, HiPerSolv, Baker Analyzed and Macron UltimAR just a few of the outstanding brands in the stable. All manufacturing facilities in Europe and the USA are ISO approved.

Product Categories

A group of solvents and solvent blends developed to provide the lowest interferences in the industry. Brands include JT Baker Analyzed and VWR HiPerSolv.
Choose from VWR HiPerSolv, Pestinorm, JT Baker Analyzed and Macron UltimAR (for pesticide residue analysis).
The VWR brands of Analar and Normapur established in 1934 are recognized worldwide for guaranteed high purity.
Products for laboratory use, organic synthesis and routine research are included in the VWR Rectapur, Baker and Macron Lab Grade brands.


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