Tamper Evident

Drum Capseals

Drum Capseals are the most widely used type of drum seal. Our range includes lightweight metal seals that crimp over the bung openings with a special tool.

Capseals assure maximum protection for drummed products – once crimped in place over drum plugs, they indicate unauthorised entry into the drum because the capseal must be destroyed to be removed.

Product Information

Our Tite-Seal security capseals are manufactured by Technocraft Industries , an ISO 9002 certified company. Technocraft is the second largest producer of Drum Closures in the world with a production of over 20 Million sets of Drum Closures annually.

Steel security capseals are made of quality tin plated steel which is precisely formed, lined with a chemical resistant lacquer and fitted with a heat cured vinyl gasket.

A white enamel exterior is standard or white with “Sealed For Your Protection”, along with plain black, blue yellow and red. Available in sizes to fit 2″ and ¾ ” drum openings.

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