Tamper Evident

Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper evident products are perhaps the most visible area of packaging and labelling, making any access to a protected object easily visible and assuring consumers there has been no alteration since leaving the manufacturer.

Product Information

Tamper Evident Shrink Seals
Shrink bands are used primarily for tamper-evident protection. These are PVC or PET plastic tubes, often with perforations for ease of opening. They are slipped over the cap or lid and shrunk down to a tight fit using heat. Once the shrink seal is broken, it cannot be put back in place, thus showing the product has possibly been opened and adding to consumer confidence.

Tamper evident shrink seals are available in a wide range of layflat sizes, from 20mm to 500mm with most being in stock within our Auckland warehouse. ECP Ltd are able to cut these to any required length, or supply in rolls for use on automatic equipment. In addition they are available in clear or a range of colours and generic “Sealed for your Protection” or printed with a logo.

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands
Our bands are formed from tube stock so they are seamless, available in widths over 350mm wide and can be printed in up to 5 colours, or 10 colours for seamed product. All shrink bands can be ordered with a single vertical perforation, double perforation, horizontal perforation and T perforation. Pull tabs are also available.

Tamper Evident Pre-forms
Pre-forms are pre-molded shrink bands used for tamper-evidence, useful for those containers that do not have shoulders. Preforms have been formed so they are open with a rim and so are just placed on the container and then passed through a heat tunnel to give a tight, even seal.

Preforms are available in clear, with a generic print, “Sealed for Freshness” or custom printed in a number of colors.

Multipacks / Promotional Items
Multipacks are used to combine two or more products in a promotional package. On-pack promotions use heat shrink PVC to combine two products that are different sizes or shapes, smaller product or a giveaway. Not only will the product look great but it will be tamper-evident as well. Graphics can be added also.

Bags: Domed & Straight
Domed bags are used on containers that need tamper-evidence but do not have the ring necks used to hold the traditional layflat tamper bands. The Domed bags encapsulate their products for tamper-evidence, such as pump bottles, tubes and flip top bottles. Straight bags are also used for multi-packed items.

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