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Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen absorbers work by removing oxygen to prevent oxidisation.

ECP offer a wide range of sachets from 20cc to 2000cc, iron and non-iron, loose sachets and sachets on a roll.

Product Information

Oxygen Absorbers can help extend the shelf-life of your products. Oxidisation is one of the leading causes of food spoilage, by removing the oxygen you can prevent this occurring.

Preserve Nutrients
Oxygen accelerates the processes that break down vitamins. By lowering the level of oxygen the shelf life of the vitamins is lengthened.

Delay Rancidity
Oxygen exposure increases the rate that lipids go rancid. Oxygen absorbers can achieve a level of 0.1% oxygen, thus preventing this reaction occurring.

Suppress Mould and Kill Insects
Oxygen absorbers can reduce oxygen to levels low enough to kill insects and prevent the growth of moulds.

CO2 Generating Sachets
In some instances the reduction of package volume is not desirable and sachets that release carbon dioxide as they absorb oxygen are available. This balances the air pressure within the package and can help to prevent further ingress of oxygen.

Non-Iron Based Sachets
Also in rare occasions where the iron based sachet is not suitable non-iron based sachet is available. However these sachets are larger and more expensive relative to the standard iron based product.

Typical Applications:
• Breads, biscuits, cakes, pastries
• Nuts and snacks
• Beef Jerky and Biltong
• Lamb, Beef, Pork and chicken
• Confectioneries
• Herbal tea
• Whole fat dry foods
• Processed, smoked and cured meats and fish
• Cheeses and dairy products
• Dried fruits and vegetables
• Spices and seasonings
• Flour and grain items
• Fresh and pre-cooked pasta
• Medical diagnostic kits and devices
• Pet food
• Museum and Artwork preservation
• Bio Certified and organic products

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