We directed our passion and commitment to the environment into developing our own range of plastic-free compostable and environmentally conscious products for packaging, waste and recycling collection. We’re proud to say that Love Our Land products are now some of the most widely used in retail and wholesale businesses, council and other local bodies throughout New Zealand.

Sectors Served

Love Our Land is now the leading provider of food waste bins in NZ to councils and local bodies with a range of proven, durable and customisable caddies and bins.
We can provide a complete range of Home Compostable bags for use within your supermarket or retail shop including larger compostable bags for use with larger bins.
Love Our Land have a full range of plastic-free and compostable products for home use or in a retail outlet for food storage and waste collection up to 240 litres.
Many of our plastic-free compostable products are also used throughout New Zealand in offices and comnmercial premises to help reduce environmental impact.
Love Our Land’s products are perfectly suited to hospitality and cleaning industries who process large volumes of food waste and other items for disposal.
We supply food contact approved and home composible products for the fishing and other primary industries which includes our crate liners & other bespoke options.