EasyPurge Thermoplastics Purging

EasyPurge APS Automatic Purging System

The Automatic Purging System (APS) was developed for machines that move large volumes of material such as Preform Injection Molding (PET) or Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM).

It is designed to provide a more efficient and easier cleaning process by controlling and monitoring the dosing process in real time, allowing precise control of the purging process.

Product Information

The automatic purging system is designed for on-the-go continuous, consistent and accurate purging compound dosing during machine clean-ups.

Reduction of over 40% in scrap and downtime in comparison with pellet based purging compound applications.

The APS allows full customisation and controllability for all injection moulding and extrusion applications. Regular clean-ups procedures can be saved in the system memory to be used for multiple machines, moulds, colours or materials changes.

For PET preform injection processes the APS can be connected to the production machine to start or stop dosing automatically during clean-up cycles. Easy Purge is available in 300g and 1000g bottles with a dosing cap to work with the APS unit.

Clean the hot runners in fully automatic mode
The APS allows injecting the recommended percentage of EasyPurge purging compound into the mould, as a result, the preforms maintain an adequate structure in order to be removed by the robot without breaking apart. Injecting preforms with EasyPurge allows taking advantage of the injection pressure to remove contamination out of the hot runners.

Hazzard free purging process – no need to displace the mixer unit
Just replace the colour feed with EasyPurge’s nozzle. The automatic purging process requires only one operator, increasing productivity and improving safety.

APS unit controls

Full control of the purging compound dosing for better results
A simple user interface to customize the dosage of the purging compound based on the colour, material, screw diameter, mould, dosing percentage, loading time and cycles.

Save regular purging procedures
You have the possibility to customize and save up to 200 colour change applications.

Built-in indicators lights of the process status
The APS comes with an audible alarm to notify the end of each cycle and light indicators to identify different procedure status.

Dosing plate available

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