Performance Packaging

Automatic Sachet Inserters

Suntem sachet dispensers allow for high speed and accurate insertion of sachets online, into bottles, jars, pouches and form fill sealers on both low speed and high-speed packaging lines.

Product Information

ECP have dispensers suitable for automatic insertion of pillowpack sachets, 3-side sachets and 4-side sachets.

• Features built-in software which results in high speed and precision distribution capable of inserting up to 250 sachets per minute.

• Easy push button ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ for daily operation.

• Simple one touch operation to change the pre-programmed options from one sachet type / dimensions to the other.

• Cutter and feed roller is controlled by a stepper motor which allows for high speeds with low noise.

• Cutter is replaceable with one simple operation for simple maintenance.

• Integrates easily with existing packaging lines due to its compact design and built-in software.

• Optional devices such as vibrator, pouch / sachet detector, adjustable machine stand, remote operating panel and remote reel feed stand can be supplied and integrated using the built-in software.

Suntem ST-1200

Loading Capacity250pcs per minute
Dimensions380mm (W) x 460mm (H) x 420mm (L)
Power SupplyAC 220v 50/60 Hz 1 Phase
Sachet / Pouch Size20~90mm (W) x 10~200mm (L)

Suntem ST-1500

Loading Capacity150pcs per minute
Dimensions1,050mm (W) x 800mm (H) x 1,000mm (L)
Power Supply2P 220V 1kw
Sachet / Pouch Size10~75mm (W) x 20~80mm (L)

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