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PSA/VSA Molecular Sieves

The following molecular sieves are specialised for Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) and Vacuum Swing Absorption (VSA) units.

These are also known as Oxygen Generators and Nitrogen Generators.

Product Information

13x-APg MOLSIV™ Adsorbent
13X-APG adsorbent will adsorb molecules with critical diameters up to 10 angstroms and is specifically developed for air plant feed purification. It has a high capacity for carbon dioxide and water and maintains its capacity well above ambient conditions. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your operating needs. In addition, 13X-APG adsorbent can adsorb molecules, such as olefins, aromatics, straight and branch chain hydrocarbons, SOx, and NOx compounds.

UOP MOLSIV APG-III Adsorbent is an advanced molecular sieve engineered for improved performance in air separation plant pre-purification units (APPU). APG-III has significantly greater CO2 adsorption capacity compared with earlier generation molecular sieves. The improved CO2 capacity of APG-III offers several benefits for air separation plant designers as well as plant owners and operators. For new unit designs, the use of APG-III can reduce the APPU size and lower plant capital and operating costs. APG-III can also be used for plant revamps to reduce energy consumption or increase plant production capability. In tests conducted at real world APPU operating conditions, APG-III demonstrated approximately 1.7 times the capacity of the industry standard UOP MOLSIV Adsorbent 13X APG.

For revamps or reloads of existing APPUs containing 13X APG or competitive 13X, the replacement of the existing molecular sieve with APG-III can provide the following benefits:

• Significant increase in treatable feed air flow rate
• Management of CO2 concentrations and feed temperatures exceeding original design
• Longer adsorption times with better operational stability, less frequent regenerations, lower energy costs and longer adsorbent life.

UOP MOLSIV™ PSA O2 HP adsorbent is a high-performance sodium form of the Type X molecular sieve. Specifically developed for on-site generation of oxygen in PSA systems, the nitrogen selectivity of this product makes it particularly applicable for this function. PSA O2 HP molecular sieve can also be used to retrofit PSA O2 units containing older generation adsorbents to increase productivity or to reduce power consumption.

UOP MOLSIV™ PSAO2 XP adsorbent is UOPs next generation molecular sieve specifically designed for use in industrial oxygen generators that employ a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) cycle for high purity (90-95%) oxygen.

PSAO2 XP is ideally suited for both drop-in/recharge use in existing oxygen generators designed around UOP PSAO2 HP and new optimised designs around PSAO2 XP.

Recharge / drop-in benefits:
• 10 -20% increased oxygen output at the same oxygen purity
• Increased oxygen purity (up to 95%)
• Reduced energy use per volume of oxygen
• Increased cyclic nitrogen capacity will provide oxygen output/purity stability during process variability (higher temperatures, humidity, etc) PSAO2 XP designed generators:
• Smaller and lighter with the same oxygen output as a larger PSAO2 HP design
• Reduced energy, air flow and sieve usage per volume of oxygen produced.

VSA-10 MOLSIV adsorbent is an advanced lithium-exchanged molecular sieve, developed for use in systems employing a vacuum pressure swing cycle for the production of oxygen and nitrogen. It offers lower plant capital and operating costs compared with other VSA MOLSIV adsorbents due to its high N2 capacity and selectivity.

Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS)
Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are the crucial element of any PSA-Plant for the Generation of Nitrogen. Our CMS products have a large nitrogen yield capacity resulting in a high nitrogen recovery, the products are able meet the requirements of all types of PSA nitrogen systems.

ECP Ltd are able to supply high quality Kuraray Chemical Company CMS from Japan.
CMS is highly resilient towards long term usage in pressure swing apparatus. Moreover, the excellent auto regeneration characteristics of the sieve leads to many years of high-quality Nitrogen Production and Methane Purification. Hence, one CMS charge lasts as long as the hardware of the PSA-plant.

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