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Silica Gel

Silica Gel is a granular, vitreous, porous form of silicon dioxide made synthetically from sodium silicate. Despite its name, silica gel is a solid.

It is a naturally occurring mineral that is purified and processed into either granular or beaded form. It is a desiccant commonly encountered in everyday life within small desiccant sachets.

Product Information

We also offer breathers for use with our silica gel.

Blue Indicating Silica Gel
Contains a cobalt based indicator, this has been banned by the European Union but is still superior to Orange indicating silica gel. Indicator causes the gel to change colour from a deep blue when dry, to pink when hydrated.

Orange Indicating Silica Gel (EnviroGel)
Contains an advanced indicator, the indicator causes the gel to change colour from orange when dry, to dark green when hydrated. This indicator was developed as an alternative to the cobalt-based blue indicating.

Silica Gel Non-Indicating
100% pure silica gel used when no visual indication of hydration is required, beads are white in colour.

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