Specialty Silicones

ECP Ltd are able to offer the below speciality silicone products to NZ industry.

Product Information

Liquor Antifoam (Pulp & Paper)
The Kraft (or sulphate) process is the most common method of production for pulp & paper. The black (or brown) liquor resulting from the pulp-washing process can create a serious problem by dramatically decreasing washing efficiency, and in extreme conditions leading to overflow.

Antifoams for black liquor must withstand harsh conditions of pH (11-12.5) and temperature (80 -95oC). To control foaming over a long period of time organic antifoam must be added at higher dosage levels than silicone based antifoams.

Silicone antifoams reduce the amount of foam immediately after addition (called the ‘knock down’ effect) but also prevent further foam formation and maintain their activity over a long period of time (known as ‘persistency’)

Agricultural Spreading & Penetrating Agent (Superwetter)
Supperwetters (super wetting agents) enhance the performance of agricultural chemicals, especially water-soluble broadleaf herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.

A low viscosity silicone polyether liquid, it has a very low surface energy and gives rapid spreading and wetting especially for leaves with a waxy surface. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

May also increase efficiency and the uptake of chemicals into plant tissues, particularly broadleaf weeds with water soluble herbicides. This leads to ‘rainfastness’ where herbicides are not washed off by rain because they have been absorbed by the plant.

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