Silicone Release Agents

Foam reduces processing speed and capacity. It limits the cleaning capability of detergents, limits formulations, and can lead to environmental concerns.

A release agent is a chemical used to get a slip effect and stop products sticking to their moulds. Silicones are widely used as release agents due to their unique properties.

Product Information

• Excellent spreading on many different substrates, including metal mold surfaces
• Thermal stability
• Formulations with the ability to cure to form thin films that do not transfer or interfere with the bulk properties of the substrate

Typical Applications:
• Release liners for pressure-sensitive adhesive labels
• Rubber tire release
• Metal mold release
• Food release
• Carton egg trays

Gensil 601 Release Spray
Gensil Release Spray 601 is a spray-on release agent based on a polydimethylsiloxane formulation in a convenient 250g spray can.

It is chemically inert, has a high thermal stability, extreme combustion resistance and is non-toxic and non-staining. NZFSA APPROVED C26 (All animal product except dairy) approved for food grade applications. Gensil Release Spray 601 also creates an excellent barrier film and is the most effective known lubricant for rubber.

Typical Applications:
• Plastic mould release
• Die cutting
• Printing trade
• Food grade applications
• Suitable whenever a clean heat resistant and non-charring lubricant is required.

Gensil 112E/35 Food Grade Release Emulsion
Gensil 112E/35 Food Grade Release Emulsion is a specially selected silicone polymer emulsion in water which has been produced by new advance manufacturing methods. This product contains only those emulsifiers, stabilizing agents and preservatives approved by the Food Standards Committee of the U.K. Ministry of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The basic Silicone polymer is manufactured to the specifications of both the British Pharmacopoeia and the Food Chemicals Codex of the U.S. Federal Drug Administration.

Gensil 112E/35 Food Grade Release Emulsion is therefore the preferred release emulsion for products likely to come in contact with food, such as:
• The moulding of plastic drinking cups
• Treatment of food containers to assist dispensing from loading magazines
• Glassware production
• Rubberware.

Gensil 112E/65
Gensil 112E/65 is the most popular all round release agent. This emulsion is used almost universally by the rubber industry as a parting agent in the moulding of natural and synthetic rubber. It is odourless, non-toxic, non-poisonous and can be safely used with any system.

Typical Applications:
• Tyre moulds
• Curing bags
• Mechanical rubber goods
• Soles & heels
• Floor tiles
• Imparting gloss
• Extrusion lubrication.

Gensil Emulsion 220E
Gensil Emulsion 220E is a cationic emulsion of an amine functional silicone polymer in water, with 35% silicone content. It has the following properties:
• Cures to a durable, water and detergent resistant film.
• Provides good release for difficult moulding applications.
• Provides good lubrication for wax particles and yarns.
• Increases durability and effectiveness of conventional release agents.
• Forms a smooth, non-tacky film when used in personal care products.
• Fast, easy application.

Typical Applications:
• As a polish additive to increase the effective life of applied polish, protect gloss against hard weathering and promote beading of water.
• As a textile treatment to improve softness and feel of knit and woven fabric, reduce abrasion, increase fabric life and to serve as a resin extender in textile formulations.
• In personal care products to provide water resistance to sunscreens, make-up or as a softener in hair mousse.
• As a mould release agent for difficult mould applications, and to increase efficiency.

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