All Performance Products

Cargo Protections

ECP provides industry leading products to help avoid damage to your shipments caused by moisture build up, container rain and shifting contents during transit.

Industrial Adsorbents

Our proven and comprehensive range of adsorbents will enable you to remove contaminants and potentially hazardous elements from your industrial processes and operations.


ECP’s highest quality silicones range is available in various forms from oils, release agents and antifoams to help enable the smooth functioning of your manufacturing or food production operations.

Performance Packaging

When you want your products to arrive fresh and in their best condition whilst avoiding corrosion, we provide high performance packaging products to meet your requirements.

Performance Hardware

When stopping moisture build up and corrosion prevention is essential in critical machinery, we supply high performance silica gel breathers.

EasyPurge Thermoplastics Purging

ECP offer a revolutionary new purging compound to help plastic product manufacturers transition their line to another colour or plastic type faster and more efficiently.

Ice Replacements

For operations requiring temperature-sensitive distribution, we supply innovative new food safe ice packs which ship to you waterless and are reusable to save on costs and avoid mess.

Tamper Evident

When security, purity and hygiene are critical, we offer a range of proven tamper evident products to help ensure your products and components reach their destination securely and unadulterated.