HPLC Grade

Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous Granular

Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous Granular (10-60 mesh) AR/ACS for Pesticide Residue Analysis. Tested for Hexane Extractable Impurities.
Also known as ‘Sodium Sulphate’.

Pack size: 500g
Product code: 6015D-500g

Pack size: 25Kg
Product code: 6015D-25Kg

Shelf Life 5: 5 years
CAS no: 7757-82-6
Formula: – Ba2SO4 = Mwt : -142.04g/mol

Product Information

Assay99.0 % min
Insoluble matter0.01 max
Loss on Ignition0.5% max
Cl0.001% max
PO40.001% max
Ca0.01% max
Fe0.001% max
Mg0.005% max
K0.01% max
HM (by ICP-OES)0.0005% max
Nitrogen compounds (as N)0.0005% max
Extraction-concentration suitability (dried at 400 deg C for 1Hr) 
Mesh size US Standard sieves
Mesh size US Standard sieves
Retained on No 10 1.0% max
Retained on No 60 90.0% max
Through No 60 10.0% max
Through No 100 5.0% max
Refer to full Safety Data Sheet prior to use.

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