What We Do

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with innovative products of exceptional quality for
product protection, industrial processes and manufacturing, laboratory chemicals, environmentally
kind packaging and waste collection. Our experience and knowledge is relied upon by hundreds of
people, businesses and organisations throughout Australia to help them succeed.

Our Partner Brands

We work closely with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to support our range of products ensuring we provide the right solution for your requirements.



View our innovative and industry leading range of products for atmosphere control and specialist product protection.

Laboratory &
Research Chemicals

We provide high quality products and information for hundreds of essential chemical products related to laboratory and research work.

See our extensive range of world-leading environmentally conscious ‘Love Our Land’ compostable packaging, waste & recycling products.

Trending Products

EasyPurge is a revolutionary new purging compound for use in all thermoplastics moulding, enabling you to reduce downtime by up to 50%.
Our Valve Pouches ship to you waterless to reduce costs whilst being easy to use, safe and thaw at a much slower rate than conventional ice “without the mess”.
Internationally proven and highly durable 23 litre food waste bins, with a handle locking mechanism which makes them easy to use and odour free.

Building on our reputation for consistent quality and
affordability, we’re steadily introducing our own range
of laboratory & research chemicals, starting with the
popular introduction of our buffer solutions pH4, pH7 &